I have lived with mental health conditions that disrupt my life for as long as I can remember. In 2012, at 33 years old, I began really taking notice and exploring why things were difficult for me and what might make me feel better.

This is a collection of my sketches and scribbles. The products of my brain and body working to make sense of what gets through the filters of perception and thought patterns and resonate with me. It’s come from the realisation that we can’t just bypass our inner worlds to live as rational beings. Without first understanding and accepting our feelings before applying rationality, those feelings will find another way to manifest in our behaviour and our lives.

I make no claims of uncommon artistry, skill, talent, wisdom or insight. My specialist knowledge is my own experience of struggling to feel comforted or connected to human beings. Of being utterly bemused by myself and the world at times. Of turning toward myself and discovering a stranger. This is just about me. It won’t be comprehensive, or robustly and scientifically researched. It’s an experiment in exploring my perceptions, in diving into being human, in experiencing and feeling. Yes, these things are biased and subjective but they are real in my inner world. And the more I ignore this world the more they shape a person I don’t want to be.


Illustration: raindrops and spiders – all rights reserved by Bibi Senthi 2016

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