Helpful links

Immediate help

Really useful site for people who are feeling suicidal 

Lovely soothing sounds – A Soft Murmur

An interactive self-care chart for when you are struggling

Meditation, mindfulness and self-compassion

Collection of downloadable, free compassion meditations

The cartooning psychologist

Paul Gilbert’s audio compassion/self compassion practices

Guided Self-Compassion meditations by Dr Kristin Neff

Insightful mental health stuff

Organisations & Networks

Evidence summaries by elves at the National Elf Service 

Public website about ACEs (Adverse Childhood Events)

ACEs connection network

Bessel Van der Kolk’s pages at the Trauma centre (US)

Paul Gilbert’s Compassionate Mind Foundation

The centre for CFT (New York)

Miscellaneous loveliness

Project Soothe (University of Edinburgh)

Beautiful piece about grief

Beautiful animation about empathy

Spoonie Post for people who frequently run out of spoons

Chronic pain and fatigue stuff

Brilliant video explaining how important it is to strengthen our small, deep, stabilising muscles as well the big ones you work out at the gym. Especially important in EDS/Joint Hypermobility Syndrome but potentially helpful if you have a weak core.